RedLove strive to deliver a safe, fun and secure social environment and ask patrons to take responsibility of your actions when drinking.
Anti social behaviour and irresponsible drinking will not be tolerated.

Patrons are expected to behave in a manner that ensures the security and safety of all patrons within the premises. Any unruly behaviour as damaging or jumping on furniture, breaking glassware, harassing or assaulting patrons, theft, removing clothing, spitting, bullying, disrespecting, abusing or any vulgarity towards staff or patrons will not be tolerated and you will be ejected from the venue.

Any persons causing damage to the venue or furniture will be financially responsible for costs for any repairs or replacement required, also including any extra cleaning that may be required.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry without explanation and to cease or close down any function that has provided misleading information upon booking whereupon the law or governing body acts/requirements are caused to be in breach, by a guest or attendee of the function; or if any inappropriate behaviour occurs towards other customers, general public, staff or any other venue representatives.

RedLove is a licensed, 18+ venue and photo identification is required at all times.